Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Art Of Spinning Plates

I remember using this photograph for a blog post over a year ago. I don't know how I got through that time back then, but it's what you do... isn't it? You get through.

The pic is reflective of my day so far. In fact, it reflects my whole Holiday weekend right up to this minute. I'm growing as a business and as I do, the demands increase. However, I've been practicing priorities this last twelve months, and it's paying off big time right now.

Are any of the plates falling in the photograph? I think not! Does the lady look like it's a breeze? I think not. But she's capable.

This morning was a real early start. Like, silly early. It's 2.00pm now, and so far today I have:

* Spent forty minutes catching up on business emails.
* Wrapped and labeled 72 soap bars.
* Organized and printed off my worksheets together with corresponding order invoices.
* Got two wholesale orders packed and out the door.
* Managed to eat something on the wing.
* Ordered new supplies from 2 places.
* Short phone call to England in my break.
* Made yet another batch of cleansing grains.
* Made sugar scrubs.
* Cut, wrapped, and tagged 24 sampler stacks.
* Danced a full three minutes to one of my fave songs from years back, when I had the energy of youth to do it. Big mistake, I'm telling you.
* Phoned The Barbara to tell her I'm sorely missing her help. Like, hurry back here, woman!
* Had an interview with a journalist from Skirt! magazine.
* Tweeted, facebooked, and... took a five minute break to get my head together.
* Had another cup of tea. Tetley British Blend please. Milk, no sugar!
* Made this blog post.

And so, cuppa tea all done, I begin again for the next stint in the new workshop. I won't finish til late tonight, but it feels absolutely great. I've a long list of things to get through before today is over. Will I do it? You bet!

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cHim-prints said...

I remember this picture. Says it all, doesn't it?

Just reading the description of your day wears me out. But I'm happy for you.

And I love your soap. :>)