Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost Ready

The Almost Sunset are almost ready. They've been on the shelves for three weeks. Another nine days and I can start wrapping them ready to go out in the order boxes. Because it's so close to the curing dates and the holidays are creeping up fast, I'm allowing them to be bought in advance.

The following soaps are the other ones that are presently curing and will be ready to ship on December 14th:

Lime 'N Thyme O'lyptus
House of Almonds
Honey Me Smooth
Evening Primrose
Camelina Aloe
Carrot & Fennel Seed
Honey Rose

Please note that any orders containing these bars will not ship until December 14th. Full details can be found on each relevant soap bar page. Hopefully this will allow you to plan your shopping.

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