Monday, October 19, 2009

Music To Soap By - Annie Lennox

I adore melody. I love the guitar, and I prefer rhythm over base or lead. I also love the piano, though I only tinkle the ivories and don't consider myself a keyboard player of any kind. Whenever I hear instruments playing, the whole music corral of my mind has already jumped the fence and is running ahead with the melody, long before the singer comes in to lasso the notes.

For some reason, whenever I'm making soap it's percussion I crave. I still demand melody, but it's more of a chant that commands me. Almost anthem like. I weigh the oils out with a purpose as the drum beat bounces off the walls in my workshop. I'm eager to begin the melt while the lye cools, against the backdrop of my chosen song for the soapfest. And it is the one song... on repeat for the whole day.

Have you ever seen dressage? That's where the horse and rider put on a brilliant display of teaming together to music. Today while I soap, I have one of my all time shout out loud anthems on full blare. I would dearly love to see horse and rider performing to this in a dressage ring. I think the workmanship would be unforgettably awesome.

Annie Lennox, 1982 - Walking on Broken Glass

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