Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music To Soap By - Jimmy Nail

Soap making is a centuries old industry. Many indie businesses today, are looking to the old and making it in a modern world. America is a fantastic place for dreams and opportunity. It's what it's known for world wide. The American dream.

This morning, I'm making the old traditional lavender and oatmeal soap bar. No matter what new comes along, the old always seems to be there guiding us with wisdom when considering modern change. I truly believe if we cannot respect the old, there's no chance for any new.

Today, my music to soap by is in full respect to the old. Whatever your industry may be, it's the old that made it what it is today. And it'll be the old that will make it what it will be tomorrow. I think it pays to bear that in mind when we find ourselves attracted to the shine and glitter of the promised possibilities of the new.

Jimmy Nail, 1995 - Big River.

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