Monday, June 22, 2009

Keeping Skin Hydrated

Keeping skin hydrated during the summer is not just about drinking lots of water. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables ensures a diet rich in the minerals, vitamins and protiens that are essential to healthy skin.

Steaming the face is always a good thirst quencher for the skin. As well as offering a hydration boost, it opens the pores and helps to release toxins. Using a face mask after steaming aids in drawing out the dust and grime that your facial steaming has loosened, leaving your face feeling really cleansed and offering a healthy glow.

Make sure to exfoliate twice weekly. This removes the dead and dying skin cells which prevent the skin from effectively absorbing your moisturizing creams. It helps with skin renewal, and also with elasticity.

Remember that the sun causes damage to the skin. Its rays are also responsible for wrinkles, so always use a sun protection creme or lotion as part of your daily skin care routine.

Enjoy the summer. Love your skin.

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Anonymous said...

This article is very informative and enlightening! I looked at your other posts too. Regularly applying Jojoba-based natural skin care products also helps skin to remain hydrated.