Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harvest Bar Fest

One of the great things about making natural products with real plant-based aromas is the encouragement for growth that Mother Nature constantly provides. Whether it's that special night you always remember, or the refreshment of a just drenched morning, She'll never leave you short of inspiration.

August is harvest time. Harvest time is that sweet apex of Summer's fade swirled with the promise of a crisp, yet fruitful Fall. Hmm... did I say swirled? Yep... do believe I did. Swirled. Suppose I can never resist the temptation to swirl up a good batch of soap.
Born in August of 2006 and curing now, Hardy Har Harvest is my way of bringing a little slice of nature to you. Just as the days of Autumn are unique and unpredictable, so is the swirl you will find in each individual bar. But the smooth texture and snuggly scent is as reliable as the change of seasons. Please enjoy.

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