Sunday, June 15, 2008

Facial Cleansing with Oil

Clear skin is something we all strive to attain. Blemishes, pimples, and blackheads etc, all knock the confidence in the best of us when they appear. Many skin care products on the market today leave the skin stripped of its natural oil. In response to this, the body signals production of more oil. It's an over compensation and is very often the reason behind clear skin troubles.

When the problem seems to be oily skin, the last thing you'd consider bringing into the equation is more oil. But, when considering your cleansing routine, it's useful to know that oil dissolves oil. As it soaks into the skin, it is carried deep into the pores, drawing dust and grime to the surface where it can be wiped away cleanly. The essential fatty acids found in plant oils also help to restore the balance of the skin's natural moisture.

For many, cleansing this way is found to be more preferable and effective than using alcohols and synthetics to strip the skin of oil. Regular cleansing with natural oil is helpful with fine lines, delivering a welcome moisturization. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft, offering a natural healthy radiance.


Anne-Marie said...

I've tried facial cleansing oils on and off lately and I really like them. It's counter intuitive to wash your face with oil but my face does feel soft and clean when I've rinsed the oil off.

the Ingénue of Malibu said...

I agree! I've started massaging high quality pure oil onto my face and then steaming if off, and my face feels great! I have oily skin, and somehow washing with oil is a great way to exfoliate!