Thursday, October 11, 2007

Save Your Money

Another chappie... in another city... in another country, courtesy of Jen.

Who is Jen? Jen runs a consumer review blog called Products of the Day - "designed to help you buy better". And how does she help you buy better? She tries the products herself and gives honest reviews, regardless of how much she liked or hated the product. Sounds simple enough. But for anyone who reads reviews of anything, you always want an unbiased perspective. And she does that, sometimes to a product's unfortunate detriment. I think a post called "Don't Waste Your Money Alert" should be enough to let you know where this gal is coming from.
From this side, it's scary when you know someone is going to be perfectly honest with everybody about your stuff, but at the same time, I hold a dear respect for anyone who is so fair and honest in judgment. And that's not to say Jen is all bad, looking only to pick products apart and wait for the dust to settle. On the contrary, she is coming from a place of genuine concern for you, the consumer, and all your hard-earned pennies. The vast majority of Jen's reviews are positive ones. She knows what she likes, she tries them, and she highlights the good and bad (if any) points. Consumers should be able to get good solid information about a product or company, and Jen aims to be that, and succeeds. All that is what lead me to contact her originally and send her some Manor Hall stuff for review. And thankfully (whew) she liked it.

I mentioned a chappie. Ah yes. Another chappie in another city in another country. Courtesy of Jen. Thanks to Jen, a Honey Me Smooth bar made it all the way to a replica of the famous Christ The Redeemer statue, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. That's six countries now, if you are counting. It and many other Manor Hall soap bars can be seen basking in all manner of locales on my Around the World page.

I think Jen's going to enjoy her $25 Manor Hall gift certificate. Thanks, Jen.

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