Monday, September 3, 2007

Full of Beans

I've always found September to be one of those "where are we" months. I mean, it's still warm but it isn't quite summer. And yet, it's not cool enough for fall.

Skin takes a beating during the summer months. It's odd... the English complexion of olde was always one of pale. These days, if we look like we did back then, we'd be accused of being anemic. Wonder if that's why they were always fainting back then. Yes, okay... I'm just being clever. I know it was the corsets that were way too tight.

So... flaky lips from summer's blaze give way to new ingredients for the Fall. Macadamia nut oil, moisturizing virgin coconut oil and intoxicating coffee butter. Just the right thing to condition that pucker, ready for the cool of the coming months. Lip Skippers Conditioning Lip Butter in a wild coffee roast. Available now at the Manor. Just the thing to take the middling out of the month of September.

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